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As a professional in Digital Marketing industry, you can quickly reach this Wikipedia description about Gigya:

Gigya Inc. is a privately held technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California with additional offices in Phoenix, Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Singapore and Melbourne.
Gigya offers a customer identity management platform for businesses which includes products for customized registration, social login, Identity and Access Management (IAM), profile storage, and integrations with third-party marketing and services platforms.
Gigya helps clients build better customer relationships by turning unknown visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. With Gigya’s technology, businesses increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into rich customer profiles, and provide better products and experiences through integrations with leading marketing and service applications. More than 700 of the world’s leading brands rely on Gigya to build identity-driven relationships and to provide scalable, secure Customer Identity Management.
With eBrand's 7 year experiences in this market, we realize the big opportunity to integrate our solution with Gigya. We are so proud to be a Solution Provider for Gigya in Vietnam
Beside, the integrated solution based on Gigya platform will strengthen key service of eBrand: Online Community Building and Gamify the Community.
To understand more about Gigya Solution or check out some demos, please download this Quick Introduction about us. (Download Link)
Please contact eBrand Vietnam (www.ebrand.vn) or call (08) 3526 4554 - ext:102 to reach our strategy team. 


02 case-studies available for your to understand more about how to apply social plugins and gamification platform in social marketing campaigns. 

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