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This is the basic process we apply to all branding service provided to clients. We call it "eBrandology"
The 6 steps are:
Our sciences & techniques to serve you

Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
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We live for dIfference and die for it. Our experienced idea-makers and ideas-implementers have been satisfying the toughest clients in this market for years. That's why you can put your request for services on the table and let us serve you.

Online Community Oriented
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eBrand is the certified and experienced agency in Vietnam to provide Online Community Building service.
Besides the local communities we successfully built, eBrand team explored and gained excellent practices from mature market. Our team also has strong collaboration with foreign experts in this science. We strongly confirm our long-term vision is to bring more communities live in Vietnam.

Gamification for Fun
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This is NEW, Trendy and so exciting!
Our certified professionals are ready to consult your company to apply one of the hottest trend in digital marketing now! Please remember, you consumers deserve to have more FUN with your brand's activities. Don't miss Gamification!

Data Driven and CRM-based
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Our solution cares (100%) for your users database. Our activities model and technical systems are always ready to capture meaningful data (profile and behavior).
Thanks God for the technology innovations which allow us tracking those data deeply in order to provide more useful offers for consumers.

Affiliate Networks
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Digital world changed the way we can collaborate. We believe that somebody can work better than we can. Our strategy is always open the network with experts, professionals, suppliers and freelancers.
eBrand's affiliate networks gives us more ideas for your brand's requests.
We are logic thinkers. We optimize everything. We encourage smart ways to spend money $$$. Our solutions are built up with components, plugins, platforms... which can save your investments.
We don't let $$$ bother your mind. You can try.
Our technologies for effective solutions


You knew what we meant. We build Internet-compatible stuffs.
Or anything else we build, you can amplify them on Internet...
eBrand is the active member of Mobile Marketing Association Global. We believe in Mobile.
We usually emphasize the must-have mobile elements in our proposed solutions.

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Infrastructure of the Internet and its applications are more complicated than marketers can see. But do not be afraid, eBrand can resolve it with a finger snap.
Our team is working on multi-programming-languages with flexible plugins/addons. We experienced large-scale collaboration with regional technology team from client sides (Thailand, Korea, US, Singapore, Russia, France, Belgium)
For marketing and sales purposes, in our solution, we enable Analytic tools, Social Monitoring tools as well as the powerful tracking/analyzing/reporting plugins developed by eBrand.
Data are in your hand.

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This is the methodology as well as the technology. With plugins and addons, our solution becomes very flexible, customizable and multi-channel-integrated.
This is the basic-concept for cost effectiveness and multi-touch-points system.

Platform integrated
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Thanks for going through to this item. Finally, with all above items, what clients will get from eBrand solutions are strong integration with the digital ecosystem.
That's the way Digital marketing is transforming for years ahead.