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About us
As an agency, eBrand assists clients' Marketing team and other partners-in- team in every online expenditure.
Even with a request for a full strategy, eBrand will collaborate with partners in PR Communications and Traditional Marketing to provide an integrated solution.
As a Society-oriented organization, we would like to bring to clients new ideas/solutions that centralize the community of users. Relying on offering many benefits for community of users, our clients can have a long-term platform of Digital Marketing as well as contribute to improve the real life in this country.

eBrand was established in March 2008 by Mr. Hoang Minh Ngoc Hai & his associates. In nearly 6 years, we has been cascading high-level experiences gaining from International companies into this local market with deep insights. Our highlights can be browsed in our credentials here
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Our success are contributed by many eBranders and ex-eBranders for years
Everyday, eBrand Vietnam tributes all efforts from our employees, ex-employees and every partners.

about us
about us